Ad Space, Real Estate Leasing, Sales and Time Share Commissions Paid At Closing

Entrepreneurs Welcome - Establish your business in one area and get exclusive rights to develop the others*.

If you bring us an advertiser for our magazine or a buyer/lessee for one of our residential or commercial properties in the Caribbean, we will pay you industry standard commissions.

We are developing land in the Caribbean and are soliciting Hotels, Marinas, Restaurants, Retail Shops and any type of business found in any town, as we are developing empty areas and will be bringing the labor force from elsewhere, so all types of services, advertisers and investors are welcome.

This is an opportunity for the right entrepreneur to write their own deal. All interested parties are welcome from anywhere in the world.

Real Estate Sales/Leasing/Time Share

A huge opportunity exists to establish all of the above industries in this new development. With tens of thousands of acres and a combined hundred miles of waterfront, it will be worth your effort to get involved now.

We will always welcome referrals and co-brokes, but for those who invest their time and energies in the early phases, the rewards will be greater, including your own personal waterfront land that we will finance.

The section of the island that we are leasing is isolated and sparsely populated, so we have an opportunity to design and develop the communities with all the benefits of modern design science, instead of adding on to antiquated areas that were built up from small tourist developments of the last generation and are now overbuilt and crowded. First year prices are $100k for residential plots that will consist one acre on the water with at least one hundred feet of beach. Financing available for land purchase and building.

The fishing off our coast is some of the best in the world, at the Windward Passage, so think sport fishing, commercial fishing, fish farms, scuba diving and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have one of the deepest harbors in the Caribbean, so your boat will fit, no matter how big.

Magazine Advertising Space

We have retained a very well respected high end magazine publisher to produce our magazine and the race to find advertisers and sponsors is on.

Industry standard rates will be charged and industry standard commissions paid, so if you can think of anyone who would benefit by advertising in a magazine that will introduce the next pearl of the Caribbean, don’t wait until someone else refers them to us.

If you are an agency that sells ad space and would like an exclusive, please contact us early.

The fishing off our coast is some of the best in the world, at the Windward Passage, so think sport fishing, whale watching, scuba diving (700 sunken ships) and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From cement and infrastructure to casinos and resorts, to businesses that cater to the super yacht crowd, there is space in our magazine.


The magazine’s target audience are discerning, high-net-worth individuals in search of alternative resort experiences or unique investment opportunities. They are elite lifestyle connoisseurs interested in food, fashion, music, culture, and global politics.


Initially, the magazine will be strategically distributed in New York, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Miami in exclusive locations such as luxury hotels, yacht clubs, golf clubs, cigar bars, and private jet terminals. There may also be a direct mail component of the distribution that will target affluent households and Fortune 500 companies.


The magazine will be a quarterly magazine, printing upwards of 25,000 copies in April, July, September, and December.

* Subject to the terms of the Master Development Agreement, that will require investment minimums and deadlines.